Andor Becskei

My creative activity focuses on the complex visual experience and its sensitizer effect. As a sculptor, I am interested in how naturalness can be present in an industrial environment and in an artificial, precisely machined object created from industrial raw materials. As a result, most of my work is characterized by a strong duality. The brittleness of steel is dissolved by aorganic form, process or component. I reinterpret familiar motifs that are found in nature, they determine the current direction. The process of setting the works is particularly decisive.
It is a lengthy and complex process that results in a strong meditative state due to precision and monotony, and I give way to intuition and chance as well. To form the final shape I reach for a natural process. The unique distortion of the heat generated by welding helps to complete the work process and create the final sculptural image. The triad of exacting process of work, monotony and patience promotes transcendent creative work and inner balance. With my sculptures, I would like to convey this harmony I have experienced to the recipient. I consider it important that the sculpture evokes the sight of the material in change for the viewer as well.


2021 –   University of Pécs Faculty of Music and Visual Arts PHD
2020 – 2021 Budapest ArtMentor Program
2012 – 2017 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (sculptor)
2006 – 2012 Álmos Jaschik Art Vocational School, Budapest (decorative sculptor)

Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists
Kanizsa Association of Fine and Applied Artists
Fine Arts Society of Szolnok
Circle of Friends of Csepel
Association of Hungarian Sculptors

Public sculptures
2022 People on the beach (Hajdúszoboszló)

2021 NKA Fine Arts Scolarship
2020 Budapest ArtMentor Program
2020 NKA Fine Arts Scolarship
2019 Futureal space sculpture  competition  (III. place)
2019 NKA Fine Arts Scolarship
2017 Tamás Vígh Award
2015 Sculpture competition of GRANIT Csiszolószerszám Kft.
2014 Corvinus sculpture competition (III. place)

Individual exhibitions
2021 Pale-green, rusted-colors with Dániel Nagy (Székesfehérvár, Cultural Center)
2017 11.09. Introduce exhibition with Barbara Gál (Csepel Gallery)
2017 Artifact of the Week (MKE – Kálvária)

Group exhibitions
2023 Abszolut value (Nagykanizsa, Community Center of Hevesi Sándor)
2022 youngart x-mas art fair (Budapest, MOM Park)
2022 Update (Pécs, Nádor Gallery)
2022 International Fine Arts Colony in Lendva 
2021 Explorers 4.0 (Budapest, Képező)
2021 PART (Szolnok, Aba-Novák Agóra Cultural Center)
2021 INTRO9 (Pécs, Nádor Gallery)
2021 Fame of Metal (LIMES Gallery, Komárom, Szlovákia)
2021 PART- windows facing each other (Pécs, Museum Csontváry)
2021 25+ Anniversary exhibition of Association of Hungarian Sculptors (Szolnok Gallery)
2020 XVII. Exhibition of Steel Sculptural and Fine Arts Symposium of Kecskemét (Kecskemét, KÉSZ Industrial Park)
2020  Transz – Exhibition of the Fine Arts Society of Szolnok (Szolnok Gallery)
2020 Godot Art Fair (Godot Institute of Contemporary Art)
2020 Horizons (Bartók1 Gallery)
2019 TÉRERŐ – Exhibition of the Steel Sculpture Workshop of Lakics (Pécs Gallery)
2019 Stone, Wood, Metal – Exhibition of the MKISZ Sculptor section (Csepel Gallery)
2019 50.Spring Exhibition (Pesterzsébet, Gaál Imre Gallery)
2018 Contemporary Art Fair (Budapest, Latarka Gallery)
2017 IV. Sculptor Biennale (Szentendre, Művészetmalom)
2017 11.09. Introductory Exhibition (Csepel Gallery)
2017 Best of Diploma (MKE, Barcsay-terem)
2016 Exhibition in Memory of József Somogyi (Budapest, Vigadó)
2015 Belátható? (Bp – Labor )
2015 Hotel RUM